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Hi guys, I am John Smith from Budapest, Hungary. I am working in a very well known MNC as a software engineer. I am always interested in tech products and new technology.

For the last couple of days, one of my close friends asking about the affordable and best quality drone for aerial photography and video shots as they have started a new traveling blog.

Then I realize that there might be other people also who might have the same questions as well.

Why can’t we make a drone review site which will provide comprehensive, honest reviews about the products? That’s how this great idea was generated.

If you are looking for an affordable and top quality drone either for fun or aerial photography, you will find droneextra.com a handy place.

Most people don’t research before buying the product; they go with the product their friends recommended. This is very normal; every person doesn’t have time to research the product, or not every person has that technical expertise.

This why dronextra.com comes into play and makes your burden lighter. We have a team of 4 expert people who is researching on behalf of you and provide you the list of the best possible products which are suitable according to your need and budget.


The purpose of droneextra.com is to provide honest reviews about the product that you need for your personal uses or professional reason. Our team always makes sure to provide the best quality product by their online research and taking reviews from original buyers.

We want to make sure droneextra.com to be the last destination as they chose the best affordable drone for their need.