Snaptain S5C Drone Review | A Complete Guide For 2021

SNAPTAIN WiFi Drone-Best drone under $100

Are you interested in finding an enjoyable beginner-friendly drone that also includes some excellent capabilities? In this overview of this Snaptain S5C drone, you might have only seen a drone that satisfies all of the above prerequisites and much more. This is unquestionably one of the coolest looking drones I’ve come across; it’s ideal for beginners as well as tricky drone pilots. The very best thing about this particular drone is that with most of the cool features it includes, it costs significantly less than just $100!!

The Snaptain S5C drone is an inexpensive selection for virtually any drone user, and also the drone operates with VR technologies to supply real-time movie 3D encounters. Altitude hold permits you to place to reveal more stables, videos, and photos. You’re able to put the height operation to set the drone entirely just using the built-in 6-axis gyroscope.

Snaptain S5C Drone FEATURES:

Snaptain S5C - VR Compatibility

VR Compatibility

While piloting using a control or smartphone is simple enough, thrill-seekers will be pleased to know the SNAPTAIN S5C is a VR compatible drone. This involves a more immersive moving experience, taking you out of the floor to the cockpit (well, nearly ) to get a more realistic perspective of your drone flight route.

Intelligent Flight Mode

 This includes a single, smart flight style, which is unique to get a drone that prices less than just $100. It consists of a flight mode named Trajectory, which will permit you to draw out a flight route onto your smartphone, and the drone can automatically fly during this route.

Snaptain S5C - Gesture Control

Voice & Gesture Control of Snaptain S5C Drone

A sub-$100 drone that has gesture and voice management? Employing the smartphone application, it is possible to enable the gesture and voice control mode.

For your voice gesture and activation modes to operate, you have to be somewhere between 1 to 3 meters from their drone. The drone comes with presets for the two methods, which means you’re able to follow them in sequence to be realized by the monitoring algorithm.

Gravity Sensor

The SNAPTAIN S5C’s gravity detector lets you control it by transferring your smartphone to particular angles. This shadow-mimic manner is interesting to experiment with and is an entirely new land to attempt, in the generic controller-based moves you’re confined to.

Snaptain S5C - Altitude Hold

Snaptain S5C Drone Altitude Hold

This is only one of the most crucial features, particularly for novices. The Snaptain S5C drone includes a 6-axis gyroscope that provides it the elevation hold attribute. This will continue to keep the drone stable when flying. This attribute makes it simpler to command and produces image quality much better. Additionally, it can help you shoot far better quality movies; this is the drone’s most special functions.

Headless mode

Headless style is a quality that makes it simpler to fly because you won’t need to distinguish between a drone tail and head. This is a useful feature, particularly for novices.

WiFi warning program

Warns that the user of prospective link and place loss in locations where signs are more impoverished. When this detector drops to a single bar from a total of four, then it’s suggested to call the drone back until you discard it.

Trajectory Features of Snaptain S5C Drone

To get a drone that inexpensive, you will not anticipate intuitive flight features out of it. However, the SNAPTAIN S5C drone surprises you with its Trajectory attribute, where you can draw out a flight route on the smartphone program, and the craft will accompany it.

That is enthusiast-level goodies you are getting to get a deal.


The Snaptain S5C includes a one-axis gimbal; if your drone isn’t flying secure, you can perform the flight calibration and take-off again for a much better flight.

The stabilization is not the very best inside this drone. Should you desire smoother videos? You’ll need to fly and lightly and not flee in windy conditions.

The Snaptain S5C drone is user friendly, cheap, and a excellent selection for novices and intermediate firing flyers.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Snaptain S5C drone comprise:

  • WiFi control and connection with remote or telephone
  • User-friendly and appropriate for novices
  • Single key Take-off/Landing
  • It can be returned by single key
  • Camera which just movies with ordinary quality

Snaptain S5C Drone Specifications

  • The Snaptain S5C drone has a 720p camera using a WiFi link and FPV (First Person View).  
  • The S5C will go up to 262 feet (80 meters). You could even edit the HD streams and then upload them straight to societal media from the iPhone or even iPad. Video clips have been automatically stored over the Micro SD card. Additionally, it has a strong 550 mAH batteries.
  • The Snaptain S5C includes propeller guards to guarantee safe flying. High-quality ABS substance to release your concerns from an abrupt bump or fall; the drone is robust with great stuff and can sustain a couple of crashes.
  • Additionally, it will come with the capacity to use voice management and the drone application, shooting all photos and videos. Also, it has an incorporated G-sensor made to permit you to command the drone by correcting the horizontal and vertical location of your smartphone via the Snaptain application.
  • The Snaptain has lots of different helpful modes that enable you to fly. Smart voice controller, headless manner, and entertaining 360 ° flipping is convenient even for drone novices.
  •  The Snaptain S5C drone lets you fly for around 15 minutes when they are fully charged.

Our Verdict On Snaptain S5C Drone

Very cheap, the Snaptain S5C WiFi FPV Drone is Difficult to beat. It’s a fully operational camera, LED lighting, along with a few tremendous flying purposes; an ideal selection for recreational projects, kids, and beginners.

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